Gucci Eau de Parfum II

Gucci Eau de Parfum IIGucci Eau de Parfum II, a companion to the original Eau de Parfum, symbolizes the spirit of today’s woman: sensitive and sweet, while still sexy and strong. It’s an unforgettable scent that’s classic yet completely alluring with fresh, soft, fruity and floral accents. This scent is radiant, captivating, classy, and timeless. With it’s light, long-lasting, sweet berry smell it makes the perfect scent for year-round wear. Dressed in a sleek clean bottle, that’s travel-friendly, this scent is a perfectly flirty fragrance to take everywhere with you. Spray it on the go to smell sweetly fresh, fruity, and clean. Be captivating and timeless by adding this fantastic and enchanting scent to your collection, perfect to wear for any occasion to make things a bit sweeter.
Gucci Eau de Parfum II has been masterfully crafted using a burst of sweet mandarin, with blackcurrant, violet, and rich blackberry, smoothed with jasmine, heliotrope, and gentle cedarwood.

Gucci Envy Me 1 oz Eau de Toilette Spray

Gucci Envy Me 1 oz Eau de Toilette SprayWhen it comes to the Gucci Envy Me 1 oz Eau de Toilette Spray, it delivers a blend of fragrances and aromas that are perfect for the woman who craves attention. Once you have Envy on, everyone around you will be envious of all the attention you get from your new spray. The fragrance isn’t overpowering, but it is just enough to make others take notice that there is something different about you.
The subtle hints of jasmine, pomegranate, pineapple and peony make it the perfect blend of femininity and sexy all in one unique spray. If you want something that is going to make people ask what that new scent you are wearing is, this one will definitely have people wanting to know more. Once you have the chance to try this perfume out, you will instantly fall in love with it. You won’t want to try anything else. Envy definitely offers something that no other blend does.

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme 1.6 oz Eau de Toilette Spray

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme 1.6 oz Eau de Toilette Spray
Made exclusively for the man who knows what he does what in essence. This very specialfragrance is a very powerful combination of all things male. It is all about pure excitement,allure, and sensuality all rolled up together. It will awaken his senses with a very coolhint of lemon, very breathtaking lavender, and pink pepper that has a note of spicy hot aboutit. A man’s subtle, as well as, softening heart will help to reinforce the freshness of thistruly wonderful cologne. It will then go forward to create an imaginary bridge that will takehim to the sensual side, and also, expose him literally to the very real woodiness that iswaiting at the base to capture his senses. Once the fragrance begins to dry, it is 100% classicGucci in delivery, and brings forth the hallmark of all Gucci fragrances – patchouli to thesurface. The patchouli then openly blends, very well, with cedar, sandalwood, and amber. Theyall come together in mix, to create a scent that is young, stylish, and very sexy in tone. It istruly a very bold, innovative, and a not compromising fragrance that does know how to capture thetrue essence of what Gucci is all about.
The very unique bottle that does hold this fragrance is made from a successful fusion of glassand metal. This is a feature that is special only to Gucci’s series of interlocking “G” characters.Located right at the heart, where the classic logo letterforms are situated, the metallic buildof the one of a kind bottle is very luxuriously cut. This elegant construction of the bottle isdone in such a way, just to display the bottle’s most innermost glass interior, which does indeedcapture one’s attention right away.

Bottega Veneta Fraise Intrecciato Nappa Glass Bag

Bottega Veneta Fraise Intrecciato Nappa Glass BagFor those who want a handbag that is truly exquisite and unique, you need to check out the Bottega Veneta Fraise Intrecciato Nappa Glass Bag. It boasts an intricate hand-crafted design complete with nappa leather. Not only is the bag stylish, but it is also compact. You don’t have to worry about toting around a large bag anymore. This classy bag is loaded with fashion appeal. It has a trendy glass aluminum chain topped off with a leather strap.
The flap closure makes the bag easy to get into and locate whatever it is that you need. Instead of something simple and boring, you can step it up a notch with this brilliant bag in a stunning red color with black accents. Your wardrobe never looked as good as what it will when you add this handbag into the mix. Adding this bag to your collection will provide you with versatility and beauty all in one bag.

Bottega Veneta Bronze Brique Brown Porcelain Ayers Verre Irise Zircon Knot

Bottega Veneta Bronze Brique Brown Porcelain Ayers Verre Irise Zircon KnotWhen it comes to a handbag that makes a statement, the Bottega Veneta Bronze Brique Brown Porcelain Ayers Verre Irise Zircon Knot does just that. Thankfully, the handbag was brought back onto the market after being discontinued. Just looking at the bag you can see all of the intricate detailing and craftsmanship that went into creating the unique piece. It truly is one of the most beautiful pieces you can own. Adding it to your collection is one of the best decisions you can make.
Regardless of what you plan to wear, you can rest assured this bag is going to complement your clothing perfectly. Since there are only so many of these handbags available, you don’t want to waste any time in getting yours. Indulge yourself with style, sophistication and grace all in one fabulous handbag. You won’t be disappointed when you make the decision to add this to your collection.

Bottega Veneta Nero Madras Heritage Mirror Pouch

Bottega Veneta Nero Madras Heritage Mirror PouchIf you are looking for something simple and elegant, the Bottega Veneta Nero Madras Heritage Mirror Pouch is the perfect handbag for you. This gorgeous clutch will match just about anything you wear. Regardless of whether you are heading out for a night with your friends or you want something classy to take to dinner with your significant other, this handbag will provide you with the look you desire.
Thanks to its meticulous design and needlepoint accents, mirror appliques and overall style, the design of the handbag comes to life. You can use the zipper pull to easily open and close the handbag, as well as using it for an elegant wrist strap to carry your handbag with ease. Its neutral color makes it one of the best items to add to your collection and accessorize all of your clothing. Don’t miss out on one of the hottest bags of the year.

Gucci 2014 collection

gucci womens spring 2014In the world of fashion, one of the most eagerly anticipated events must surely be the unveiling of the latest Gucci collection. After being counted amongst some of the top fashion designers 2013 had to offer, the Gucci brand looks set to maintain its strong position in 2014.

The spring 2014 Gucci collection has a broad emphasis on high-class nightclub styling. This is a line that celebrates clothes that allow the wearer to move and breathe, while still looking fabulous in the most eye-catching garments that you can expect to find on the high street.

With this style comes the pulsing aesthetic of the disco, with pools of colour contrasting against solid backdrops of black. These are garments that will stand out in a sunny spring afternoon, and also attract attention in the dark, heated atmosphere of a more upmarket nightclub.

Nobody knows for sure what new trends 2014 will bring – but it seems safe to say that Gucci will leave its mark.

Grow Longer Hair


beautiful hair

Over the centuries, people have pondered the thought of how difficult it seems it is to grow longer hair. Truth is, it is much easier than people think. The answer to the problem is none other than Biotin; some refer to this vitamin supplement as a “miracle” because of it’s hair growth-promoting properties.
So how does it work? Put simply, Biotin is a B-complex type vitamin that helps in cell proliferation and creates amino acids, resulting in hair growth. Amino acids take a large part in making hair grow by creating proteins. Most people don’t know that each individual strand of hair is actual composed of a protein called Keratin. In turn, the more Keratin produced, the more the hair will grow. Biotin for hair growth can be found in both food products and daily supplements. This “miracle” hair growth vitamin is seen in foods such as eggs, soy beans, nuts, fish, whole wheats, certain fruits, vegetables and cheeses. Getting a healthy dosage of biotin for hair growth can be a daunting task, considering the average person doesn’t typically eat a biotin-rich diet. The vitamin supplement form can be bought at many health and food stores for easy consumption. Taking this supplement daily will make biotin hair growth results much more noticeable than if one were trying to get a hefty biotin intake just through food.

biotin for healthy hair
Taking a daily biotin supplement is the most realistic chance at making hair grow to amazing lengths. It’s been done many times before and people still continue to use this method of promoting hair growth today, it simply works! No other vitamin or “miracle hair product” will even come close to producing the amazing hair growth results shown when taking biotin, so no more having short haircut. That’s because biotin is made up of everything needed to produce hair while other vitamins only have certain hair promoting ingredients, and hair products such as mousses, gels, shampoos and conditioners can only help as a topical solution (which doesn’t do much). Those looking to grow longer hair should definitely look to biotin!

Searching For Shampoos That Promote Hair Growth For Women

beautiful hair

There are many natural things one can do at home to accelerate hair growth and now shampoo can be a part of that process. If you are looking for longer thicker fuller head of hair as a woman you are not alone and here are some things to look for in the shampoo you buy to help in the process of restoring a fuller head of hair.

The first thing ladies should look for in a shampoo that will help this condition is amino acids. Amino acids do promote hair acceleration but they are not in all shampoos so it is important to read labels. Amino acids promote the growth of keratin which is the building block of hair regeneration.

Start looking for biotin because biotin being part of Vitamin B complex in some shampoos can restore cell function because hair requires this important vitamin for cell function. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center a lack of biotin can cause hair loss. Our hair, nails and body need biotin to metabolize our amino acids. Biotin also helps in making nails and hair stronger.

Another important ingredient to search for in shampoos that accelerate growth is Pyrithione Zinc. In several studies this important ingredient has shown to reduce shedding hair. This is important for accelerating hair growth because if you want to increase growth you can stop loss and add width to your hair with Pyrithione Zinc.

Amino acids can also be added to our diets to produce even more results because they are completely affective in helping hair and nails grow. You can add them through fish, eggs and dairy products making a protein rich diet for the best production of amino acids in your body to produce hair acceleration.

When searching through shampoos to find the right one to help in hair growth all of these wonderful ingredients can help so be sure to look on the labels and research so you can find the best products for your best hair growth results.

Taking Supplements To Aid in Hair Growth For Women

beautiful hair

There are many supplements that can help in promoting hair growth for women. Finding the right ones for this search is not as difficult as it might seem. Supplements that add to the natural production of hair are out there. They can help exponentially because the body can produce the natural things needed when given the right nutrition and vitamins.

Supplements containing biotin are excellent for helping the body gain the nutrition in hair growth for women and so any of these you can find will help most definitely. Biotin is most helpful in helping with hair loss and strengthening nails as well. There is not a danger in taking biotin even though the body produces it and recycles it naturally.

Getting a good multivitamin with several vitamins is also a good choice. Supplements containing zinc, folate and iron. Also calcium and Vitamin B and Vitamin D are good choices in a multivitamin or by themselves as supplements to help with hair growth. Studies are now suggesting that Vitamin D helps in hair regeneration and this would be one for the list of supplements to take. Iron and B12 should be considered because deficiency in these can be causing hair loss.

Vitamin A helps in keeping hair follicles alive so this would be another one to add to your regimen of supplements because it also helps to produce sebum which naturally moisturizes the scalp and hair. Another great supplement you can add is folic acid also known as Vitamin B9 and in adding this to your diet is a great thing because it is supposed to be pretty fast acting in seeing the results.

These are just some of the vitamin supplements and you can find mixtures of these vitamins that are beneficial in helping aid hair growth for women. You can also add Panothenic Acid because as part of the family of B Vitamins it also helps extremely well in regeneration of hair. These are all wonderful in helping to aid in healthier hair and on top of a nutritionally healthy diet one can see excellent results because hair follicles regenerate and are getting the aid they need to grow and be very vibrant as well.