Health Plans

In short, the plan that we have right now is with a health benefit agency called MEDILINQ. With them, we offer a plan for bands that for $39.95 a month, a whole band up to 15 members – crew included, if you want – receives anywhere from 60 to 80% off on prescription drugs, doctor visits, dental, ER care, chiropractors – everything health related. You do NOT need to qualify. It’s a bit different from actual insurance in the fact that the co-pay is not the same every visit. Like I said, the percentage off that you receive varies on what type of procedure you are getting done.

(The same plan is also $19.95 for an individual)

Click here to download the forms.

It’s great when you are on the road because if you are in, for example, Mobile, AL (aka, the middle of no where) and need to see an orthopedist, all you have to do is log on to our site, type in where you are and what type of doctor you want to see and it will show you all the doctors that accept this coverage. It is a PPO which, in health insurance terms, means there is a LARGE amount of doctors across the United States that accept this coverage.

Please let me know if I can answer any more questions (which I’m sure you have and I encourage you to ask!) Email me any time:

To walk you through the application process, you will see on the enrollment form that it asks for band name, manager (this can be someone in the band – doesn’t have to be manager), address, etc.

  • Check the box that says $39.95 a month
  • Part three – you will need to use more than one of this page to add as many people as you deem fit (up to 15). Full name and birthday are most important. No need to worry about the Spouse/Partner/Dependent. In this case, all the band members will be dependents.
  • Part four – The bank account you put here (for example, the band’s bank account) is where the monthly $39.95 a month will be taken from. This does NOT apply to fees incurred while seeing a doctor.
  • Part five – The bank account that is put here is related to the co-pay deductions that will be incurred with each doctor visit. You can have all the members under one account, or each member of the band can have this linked to their own banking account, a family members banking account, etc. If you want to separate each person’s fees like this, just put everyone’s names and bank info in an email or word document to me. (This is 100% confidential).

You will NOT be charged anything after a doctor visit until you receive a statement in the mail showing you what you will be paying and how much money you saved. You will also NOT be charged anything at the desk of a visit.

What I have a lot of my bands do that I work with is that if they need to see a doctor in an area, is to call me and I will set up the appointment for them. It’s easier to get acclimated with the whole process this way and it gives me the peace of mind that my sick boys are getting the best care possible and as soon as possible.

In 2003, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA), a union representing a wide range of talent including singers and recording artists, designed a deal with the industries top five major labels for making health benefits available to artists on the record companies’ rosters. The deal included coverage with the majors and most of their subsidiary labels, totaling around 1200 companies. Because of initiatives like AFTRA’s, most musicians signed under major record labels are eligible for some type of health care plan. The problem with this coverage is that it is based on royalties where the artist needs to earn a certain amount to qualify. After an artist qualifies for the heath insurance program, they still have to pay monthly premiums where in many cases, the coverage offered is no less expensive than general HMO plans offered to individuals through traditional national insurance networks.

Another option for musicians is taking out their own private insurance plans. Most full-time musicians, performing in clubs and other performance grounds, work on a freelance basis where each performance may be contractually different. The musicians cannot be offered employee benefits by working for themselves, so musicians must seek individual health plans. The differences between insurance plans will be covered in the next sub-section.

The last option is the musician receiving insurance through musical unions. Both AFTRA and American Federation of Musicians (AFM) offer insurance benefits to their members. The AFTRA Health and Retirement Fund offers its members two health plans: an Individual Health Plan and a Family Health Plan. Both of the plans require the artists earn a minimum amount $10,000 but less than $30,000 to qualify for the program.

Click here to download the forms.